“The Trespasser” (1929) – Movie Review

Marion Donnell is in many ways much like the real-life Gloria Swanson. Tabloid headlines, pregnancy out of wedlock, rumours of affairs and illegitimate children with prominent aristocracy along with brushes with bankruptcy were all realities that Miss Swanson faced in just a few short years, yet like Marion Donnell she was a woman uninterested in what society deemed acceptable… … More “The Trespasser” (1929) – Movie Review


“The Danger Girl” (1916) – Movie Review

Gloria Swanson roared onto the Keystone set one day in 1916 at top speed in her sports car, nearly hitting several people as she screeched to a halt. She found driving a car to be exhilarating and though she didn’t have a license the car was now rightfully half-hers as her new husband, Wallace Beery, was using her salary to pay for it. If it was half-hers, she thought, then she was going to drive it… … More “The Danger Girl” (1916) – Movie Review

‘Zaza’ (1923) – Movie Review

Gloria Swanson lied to studio executives to get herself to New York City in 1923 knowing that an exciting new project was in the works with director Allan Dwan. After having her first child she had needed corrective surgery but with such a busy schedule she was never treated. Knowing that the desired script lay in waiting for her collection in New York she told the studio she must leave at once for two weeks to undergo the procedure, though she secretly planned to be away for much longer… … More ‘Zaza’ (1923) – Movie Review

“Teddy at the Throttle” (1917) – Movie Review

Released in 1917 by Keystone Studios, Teddy at the Throttle is one of many Mack Sennett comedies in which Gloria Swanson stars opposite Bobby Vernon; another young actor of the silent era famous for his appearances in these kinds of two-reel shorts. Together, Gloria and Bobby made a delightful on-screen couple and they starred in a string of successful films together. While this was just before Gloria’s graduation to the feature-film, Bobby would have no feature length successes, tragically dying in 1939… … More “Teddy at the Throttle” (1917) – Movie Review