Gloria at home (1972)
Gloria at home (1972)

Welcome to Glorious Swanson! 

Gloria Swanson; a name once synonymous with motion pictures, beauty, fame, glamour and everything else that went with it is now, for the most part, a forgotten star. Once the most famous celebrity the world over she is now, undeniably, solely remembered for her eerie portrayal of Norma Desmond in ‘Sunset Boulevard’. It is sad but true that contemporary audiences would struggle to name more than one of her films off-hand. With extremely limited home video releases and a large absence from any modicum of modern culture or reference she seems fated to fade into the dark. This to me, is a tragedy.

“I’ll show them! I’ll be up there again, so help me!”

Hi, my name is Shawn! While trying to find content on Miss Swanson I often found myself disappointed and my thirst unquenched! Even among fellow movie bloggers, reviewers and tweeters, Gloria seems to get little mention and when she does it’s almost always in reference to Sunset Boulevard. My aim is to go beyond Sunset and provide reviews, articles and insights into Gloria’s whole life and career. Won’t you join me?