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“Father Takes a Wife” (1941)

“It came as a surprise when in 1941 after eight years away from film that Gloria was approached by RKO to appear in a new picture entitled Father Takes a Wife. She was to be sent back to Hollywood, welcomed as returning royalty and the film was to be slated as “Gloria’s come-back!” in an extensive promotional campaign. Gloria reviewed the script and deemed it appropriate, if not of high quality, but was offered $35,000 which Gloria said was, “exactly $35,000 more than any other studio had offered in seven years.” Though the project was a “…come-down as well as a come-back!” Gloria agreed to go to Hollywood and make the movie.” … More “Father Takes a Wife” (1941)

“Male and Female” (1919)

A film of great importance in the career of Gloria Swanson, Male and Female was her third with the great epic director Cecil B. DeMille. The pair first worked with one another on Don’t Change Your Husband and didn’t stop making films together for a whole year. Male and Female was the third in a string of five consecutive releases, three of which were released in 1919. Male and Female was quintessentially DeMille but would also become representative of Gloria’s early work as she would go on to portray enviable, exotic and beautifully gowned women that would make her a poster-girl for glamour which later would be a reputation she struggled to build upon… … More “Male and Female” (1919)

Feminist Icon or Damsel in Distress? — The Plunge Into Hollywood

Gloria would be picked up by Jack Conway and the Triangle company shortly after Teddy and in her first role with them she would perform a death-defying stunt in which she would leap 15-feet off a dock into icy waters below. Soon Gloria would be taking a different kind of plunge as she stood on the precipice of stardom, about to leap into the uncertain waters of Hollywood, and she couldn’t even swim… … More Feminist Icon or Damsel in Distress? — The Plunge Into Hollywood

“The Trespasser” (1929)

Marion Donnell is in many ways much like the real-life Gloria Swanson. Tabloid headlines, pregnancy out of wedlock, rumours of affairs and illegitimate children with prominent aristocracy along with brushes with bankruptcy were all realities that Miss Swanson faced in just a few short years, yet like Marion Donnell she was a woman uninterested in what society deemed acceptable… … More “The Trespasser” (1929)