“Teddy at the Throttle” (1917) – Movie Review

"This campy, over-the-top two-reeler bears some expected hallmarks; exaggerated acting, a tired series of plot twists and an overly dramatic love square(?) with no known benefactor at the end of it all. But it’s this intentional buffoonery that makes it a delightfully silly short which is an actual joy to watch..."


Beyond ‘Sunset’ – Who is Gloria Swanson?

"Miss Swanson stands before us now, not the ageing Norma Desmond, but the Mesopotamian goddess of 'Male and Female' forced to yield willingly to a strident Babylonian king named Hollywood or face being eaten alive by the ravenous Lions of Ishtar. She removed her hand from the outstretched one of a male dominated world and marched willingly toward the black gate of uncertainty and the world sank its teeth into her..."

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